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Tuesday is the most boring day of the week, yo.

If I haven’t already stated this, which I haven’t, last week’s Supernatural was one of the best episodes EVER. I’ve been asking for a Strong Female Character and I got it. Of course, she’s dead now, but I know the show is capable of SFCs if they put their minds to it. It was an origin episode that totally worked and answered a lot of questions. Good stuff, Supernatural! A+! Plus, more Dean and Castiel (Casstiel?) is a good thing. I figure we’ll catch up with what Sammy’s been doing with skanky demon chick in future episodes.

Please tell me it’s a new episode this week. I am a girl of simple pleasures.

I’ve given up on Fringe. Meh. And don’t even get me started on Sanctuary. I flipped after an hour. Obviously the creators have never read any good urban fantasy before because this show fell way below my expectations.

While I wait on my editorial revisions for my vamp book and my Blaze, I’ve been fiddling with a new project. Not sure if I want to commit to it or not. I have a tendency to get a bit scattered in between books. When I’m writing a book, it’s all I can work on. I’m not a multi-tasker, but in between is another thing altogether.

New ideas are Just. So. Darn. Shiny.

I have signed up for Nanowrimo ’08. I plan to write a good chunk of my contracted demon book during November. I want my plate to be cleared of my edits by then, I hope, so I can give it my full and obsessive attention.

I’m painting my apartment on Thursday. Not that you care, but I’m doing an accent wall a dark red color (it’s called “Blaze” so I took that as a sign) and a lighter sand color for the rest of the walls. I like a punch of color in my otherwise beige world. Life has been way too beige for me lately. I would like a bit more Blaze going on. I think I’ll have to do something about that. Eventually.

8 comments to “Tuesday is the most boring day of the week, yo.”

  1. Heather
     · October 7th, 2008 at 12:11 pm · Link

    So I just signed up to right a story in the month of November…same site you reference but I forget the name…can’t wait
    Wondering why you gave up on FRINGE…love it…I mean how can you go wrong with Joshua Jackson.
    And I do agree with you on Supernatural…best season EVER…

  2. Kristin
     · October 7th, 2008 at 12:22 pm · Link

    OMG, I loved last week’s “Supernatural,” too! So so good!!!!!!!!!!

    Castiel better stick around for the long haul. I LOVE him. Scary, but angelly and hot all at the same time.

    And I am quite pleased with the amount of Dean time we are getting lately. He does troubled, damaged hot guy better than any actor I know…Damn!

    The plot with the dad now makes so much more sense. And why his death shouldn’t be as sad. He was dead well before his children were even born. The life he had was a gift given to him by his very loving wife. Boo-hoo!

    And what a moment for Dean to find out he probably shouldn’t even be alive. Wow.

    This is the BEST season so far. These writers just keep getting better and better. Can’t wait for this week!

  3. Michelle Rowen
     · October 7th, 2008 at 1:22 pm · Link

    Heather… I gave up on Fringe because the show is essentially stupid and not in a good way. I found that, even though it’s supposed to be a fantasy/sci-fi, my whatchamacallit, suspension of disbelief was stretched way too far and I was rolling my eyes so much they hurt. I’ll give it one more chance. And I don’t find JJ hot enough. He just doesn’t do it for me. I never watched Dawson’s Creek to get a Pacey appreciation going on, I guess.

    And I do agree with both of you on Supernatural being the best season ever… at least the eps they’ve had so far have been consistently strong ones. We’ll see where the season goes!

  4. Heather
     · October 7th, 2008 at 2:58 pm · Link


    I guess I just really love JJ abrams because I would follow his storytelling ANYWHERE…I loved Alias, love Lost, and Fringe to me is cool. The only reason I watched Dawson’s was to see Pacey and JOey but in all honesty…I have had a crush on Joshua since Mighty Ducks…I know that is so sad.
    I do hope your thought of who Castiel might actually be is wrong because both my sister and I really like that fact that they are portraying them as soldiers not guardians.
    Also, I added you to my buddy list on nanowrimo…i hope that is okay.
    As for Sancutaury…I will say the webisodes were better but once again SCIFI has messed up a good thing…I will keep watching it because of my loyalty to Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood. There is really not that much out there in terms of scifi…and with Doctor Who and Torchwood not coming back until 2009…well…
    So I guess I will get back to pushing papers around on my desk.
    Ooh I also wanted to say thank you for changing your YA title because I saw a book with pretty much the same title last week. By the way…I am about to hand over your books to my coworkers…who will, like me, absolutely love them.

  5. Michelle Rowen
     · October 7th, 2008 at 3:14 pm · Link

    Heather… you are obviously an angel, just like Castiel. ;-)

    I’d be curious to know what book it was that you saw that had a similar title…. can you remember what it was?

  6. Heather
     · October 7th, 2008 at 3:26 pm · Link

    I honestly can’t recall…I know it did not have your main character’s name but something about Demon Princess something. My first reaction was to yell at one of the mean booksellers at the Powells near me but I refrained and simply stated to a nice lady beside me “go check out Michelle Rowen’s stuff…she has a YA novel coming out next year and it looks to be far better than this thing right here.” She chuckled.
    So if angels were soldiers…I guess you can tie me in with Castiel…I will get them to buy your books!
    As you can tell from this quick post…not actually doing much work…going to pull out my laptop and practice for nanowrimo.

  7. Michelle Rowen
     · October 7th, 2008 at 4:43 pm · Link

    You might be thinking of the Demon Princess Chronicles. I think that’s an popular erotic romance series.

    I think there’s lots of room for Demon Princesses in the world. Mine’s a nice one, though. And in no way erotica.

    I like having soldiers out championing my books. I should do t-shirts or something. ;-)

  8. Stargazer
     · October 7th, 2008 at 6:32 pm · Link

    Hi Michelle~
    Your painting sounds Great! Blaze On!
    I agree with ya on Fringe…it started off good, but now its dropping off.
    I am rescreaching now for my new project. I think I will like it after I get my story planed out better…I need more of a plot.
    Good luck on the painting. Be sure and open an window! smiles*

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