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It's all about meme

I’ve updated the questions on my FAQ page. Is there something I’ve forgotten? A burning question you’d love to have answered? Please ask it and I’ll add it to the list.

Here’s a writer’s meme for lack of a better blog topic today. I googled “writer’s meme” and this is what I got.

What’s the last thing you wrote? 
The last major thing I wrote was my Harlequin Blaze novel which I finished last month. Since then I’ve just been doing edits and brainstorming.

Was it any good? 
I think so. In fact, I think it’s very good and was one hell of a fun write. I have yet to hear from my editor on whether or not that is delusional thinking or not.

What’s the first thing you ever wrote that you still have? 
I know it’s in a box somewhere. But when I was in grade 8, for some reason I was put in the “smarter” class since I was in French immersion. The fools. And we were required to actually write a novel which was probably about 15K long. I wrote about a girl who got shot in the back and became a paraplegic and then wanted to kill herself. Really uplifting stuff.

Write poetry? 
I did in high school.

Angsty poetry? 
Is there any other kind?

Favourite genre of writing? 
I enjoy writing light fantasy with romantic elements. I wish I could write dark urban fantasy but feel that my voice is too breezy for it.

Most fun character you ever wrote? 
The first one that comes to mind is Reggie the rat from Angel with Attitude. He was so much fun to write. Second would be George from my Immortality Bites books. Oddly enough, both sidekick characters who bring in teh funny.

Most annoying character you ever wrote? 
While I do adore her, the most annoying character is probably Sarah Dearly. She is so stubborn and has a tendency to do questionable things. I’ve written her so long that she’s taken on a life of her own and rarely sticks to the outlines I give her.

How often do you get writer’s block? 
I get writers block whenever I feel down about writing. Feeling depressed shuts down my creativity well, and I need to find the joy in writing rather than focusing entirely on the business side of things. I get writers block at least twice a year. Luckily it doesn’t last too long.

How do you fix it? 
I take it as a sign I’m writing something I shouldn’t be writing, or focusing on the wrong thing. I remember what it is I like about writing, what I would write if I just had myself to please, and then that helps me open up again to the words.

Write fan fiction? 
I used to write some Buffy fan fiction that I would never lay claim to now.

Do you type or write by hand? 
Type. In the beginning I’d write longhand for some scenes, but now I just type. I find that I can flow my imagination through the keyboard easier than through the pen.

Do you save everything you write? 
Everything. I save different drafts as I go and put all the old stuff into a folder called “Old stuff.” Just in case.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it? 
I get a steady stream of new ideas regularly so it would have to be a really good idea for me to come back to it. So, I’ll have to say no. The old ideas can morph into new ideas though.

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve written? 
The last scene in Bitten & Smitten on the bridge.

What’s everyone else’s favourite thing that you’ve written? 
A good portion of my reader mail is about Angel with Attitude, so I guess that book worked for a lot of people — or at least, a lot of people who want to tell me that they liked it. Vampire readers are less vocal, perhaps.

What’s your favourite setting for your characters? 
I seem to write a lot of stuff in bars and nightclubs, which is weird since I rarely go to those places.

What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will? 
I’d say historical romance, but I just uncovered the first chapter of a western I was working on a few years ago which is pretty fun. I’m open to any and all genres if the muse leads me that way.

How many writing projects are you working on right now? 
One novel about to start. Three novels in editorial revisions. Two ideas percolating.

Do you want to write for a living? 
Trying very hard to.

Have you ever written something for a magazine or newspaper? 
I wrote for my hometown newspaper on a high school co-op program.

Have you ever won an award for your writing? 
I cherish my HOLT Medallion I received for Bitten & Smitten. It’s in a frame on my wall unit right above my TV.

Ever written something in script or play format? 
No, but I’m thinking about adapting Bitten & Smitten as a screenplay someday.

What are your five favourite words? 
Check is in the mail.

What character that you’ve written most resembles yourself?
Sarah Dearly’s outlook on life closely matches my self-deprecating, sarcastic personality. The character herself isn’t, but we’re alike in a lot of ways. I guess that’s why I probably took issue when some reviewers called her TSTL. ;)

Where do you get ideas for your other characters? 
They knock on my door of my imagination and I let them in. They’re not based on anybody in particular.

Do you ever write based on your dreams? 
I keep waiting for that really great dream that translates into a great book — like how Stephenie Meyer says that Twilight came to her. But my dreams are disjointed messes and rarely make any sense.

Do you favour happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers? 
I hate sad endings unless I’m reading literary novels, which I try to avoid at all costs. A series can end in a cliff-hanger as long as the series itself ends in a happy ending. Stand alone novels must end happily for me. Even if I didn’t write romance, I’d end my books happily. There’s too much tragedy in the world as it is and books, to me, are an escape from that. Bad things happen in my books but it all turns out okay in the end.

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write? 
No. Not in my first draft. If I start second guessing my spelling and grammar that would force me to slow down. I do try to polish it up as best I can before it goes to my editor of course. I’m well aware that my grammar is not the greatest in the world. This, unfortunately, is a recent realization.

Does music help you write? 
Not when I’m actually writing, since I need silence. There’s enough noise going on in my brain as it is. But I do make up a soundtrack for most of the books I write which helps me get into the story and characters.

Quote something you’ve written. The first thing to pop into your mind. 
      “Since I had a really hard time faking being nice—I wasn’t much of an actress, I guess—I just behaved like myself. Warts and all.
      I don’t actually have any warts. It’s just a saying.” – Demon Princess: Reign or Shine, chapter 1

3 comments to “It's all about meme”

  1. Charlene Teglia
     · October 8th, 2008 at 9:14 pm · Link

    I’m totally stealing this meme.

  2. Bonnie Staring
     · October 9th, 2008 at 10:27 pm · Link

    I’d steal this meme, but it would take me forever to complete it, and then I’d still have my revisions to work on. LOL

    Can’t wait to read Demon Princess!

  3. Rita
     · October 21st, 2008 at 12:33 pm · Link

    To Bookmarks, thank’s for Your work!

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