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Supernatural watch and write

I’m going to blog Supernatural as I watch it. Just because. Last week’s ep was good but had that filler feel which made it a bit unsatisfying. I don’t know anything about this episode. The channel I watch it on doesn’t show next week’s preview so I am unspoiled.

>>SPOILERS, such as they are, to follow for the Supernatural 4.5: “Monster Movie.”

Opening credits are old-style, old movie looking. Reminds me a bit of the musical episode of Buffy. This leads me to believe this ep will either rock or suck. I hated the ghost hunter ep last season, so we will see…

The show’s produced by a guy named Vladamir? For real?

The Metallicar zooms down a rown toward Pennsylvania. Ha. Vampire episode. Okay.

Sam’s feeling pouty. What else is new?

Black and white episode. “Time we got back to tackling a black and white case,” says Dean. Subtle humor is not the show’s strength.

Dean and Sam both look great in B&W. Raowrrrrrr.

Victim with fang marks on neck. Blonde chick unimpressed by Dean’s charm. Nice.

Dracula is loose in Pennsylvania. Waitress named Lucy. Cute in-joke. Coincidence?

LOL… Dean figures he’s a born again virgin since escaping from Hell. Sammy’s such a drag. Good thing he’s hot.

Horny teenager killed by wolfman. Commercial break.

Damn. Jensen Ackles is ridiculously good looking, isn’t he?

Cute ep so far but nothing special. I WANT CASTIEL!!! It’s kind of like when you’re into the plot of a book and there’s a unrelated scene in there that throws off the pacing.

Uh oh. Mummy coming up to join Dracula and the wolfman. “Holy mother of crap” indeed.

Blonde waitress confronted by Dracula. Cornered. Mace in Dracula’s eyes. Did Dean just rip off his ear? Because that’s gross.


Dean’s discovered, thanks the the severed ear, that the monster is a shapeshifter. Obviously one who enjoys old movies.

“The X-Files is a TV show. This is real,” says Dean. Oh, ha ha. The humor is sidesplittingly funny. Not.

Nice little “I save people” speech from Dean. Character growth? Good stuff. Obviously the blonde is evil. I can see it coming from a mile away.

Or “Lucy” is. Could it be that obvious? The shapeshifter is one of the girls. Or both of them. Since the shapeshifter attacked Jamie, it’s got to be Lucy, thus the Dracula-esque name. Right?

Sam w/ gun goes to confront projectionist whom they’ve surmised is the shifter. Now in the guise of the Phantom of the Opera. Psyche. It’s not the shifter, just a guy playing his organ. So to speak.

Sheepish Sam. Cute.

Lucy keeps blotting her lipstick. Not so subtle foreshadowing of something.

Dean is drugged. Oopsie. Dean hits the generic brunette. What a surprise.

Yep, the generic brunette is the bad guy. And Dean is unconscious and at the shifter’s mercy.


Of course, instead of being killed outright like the other shifter’s victims, Dean is taken elsewhere and strapped to a Frankenstein-like table. He really shouldn’t taunt the shifter when he can’t defend himself. Doorbell rings just before electrocution. Of course. Unimpressed Pizza Guy. $15.50 for pizza? Good deal.

Dracula has a coupon for the pizza. NICE. Love humor like that.

Sam puts two and two together back at the bar. He is a college boy, after all. 

Blonde kind of looks like the old Ruby. But she’s a weak victim who does what she’s told. Yawn.

“Real is having your dad call you monster…and he tries to beat you to death with a shovel.” My favorite monsters on this show have been the shifters. I like their complexity. Not so much their gooeyness. Love monsters with some depth. But the monsters aren’t the heroes in this show, alas. Got more chance to explore that in Buffy.

Sam saves Dean. Dean is wearing lederhosen.

Blonde shoots shifter! Nice. “Twas beauty that killed the beast.” Riiiight.


Dean and blonde kissing before leaving. Sam waits patiently. If Dean had to be in a movie, he wouldn’t pick a monster movie. He’d pick Porky’s 2. Meh ending.

Okay… that was… not bad. Not the worst ep ever, but far from the best. I’ll give it a B. For B-Movie.


2 comments to “Supernatural watch and write”

  1. Heather
     · October 17th, 2008 at 11:56 am · Link

    I loved last night’s Supernatural Episode. I love that they went black and white, loved the whole old monster movie homage, loved all the corny lines…I do agree that this season is getting better stories but that being said it was nice to go back to the formula that started it all…you have to have the funny somewhere. As for next week…since you don’t get trailers—I did not see your angel…more litith then anything and another Dean centric episode—I say as I clamp with abandon!
    I think the whole shapeshifter monologue about being made into what he was now by the way people treated him in the past was another foreshadowing of what is to come…just like last weeks was. I know you like Angel and Buffy…did you know that Kelley Armstrong is writing the next part of the Angel comic book?

  2. Kristin
     · October 20th, 2008 at 4:09 pm · Link

    Oh, see, I love the corny humor. The side jokes that only the audience watching can really understand. That is classic “Supernatural” fun. I was also kind of glad this was an insular episode that didn’t require and back story or season arc stuff to understand it. Sometimes you need a break.

    However, I was very much missing the hot, hot Castiel. Sigh…

    Dean is so dang gorgeous and tortured I love him. Why won’t Hollywood scoop this guy up and put him in whatever movie they think Shia LeBeouf should star in? (’cause seriously, I’m sick of that kid, and wouldn’t Jensen have been so HOT to watch in that “Eagle Eye” movie????)

    I think it is strange how Sam has taken the backseat for most of this season…I mean, I’m a total Dean fan, so I’m not complaining, but I find it odd that Dean is about 75% of what’s going on lately, and Sam is sort of a distant 25%. Strange.

    I wanted to see more shots of Dean in the lederhosen!

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