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Sparking it up

All right, enough of these computer issues, I’m ready to start writing my next book, LIVING IN EDEN. I am so excited about this book and the characters. I’m READY TO START. I already have 11K done from my proposal. Deadline is February 1. Sounds like ages from now but it’s ONLY TWO AND A HALF MONTHS.

This story has been with me for a few years, actually. It started its life as a dark urban fantasy back in ’06 about a woman possessed with a Shadow Demon and she was the incubator for him — actually the romantic elements were rather Oedipal. However, since she had mad psychic skillz (skillz I since cannibalized to use as Kira’s empathic ability in COUNTDOWN) she was able to survive and grow in strength, and control her inner demon. Damn, I loved that proposal so much, but it lacked focus and worldbuilding. She had to save the world and there was a demon inside of her. As Simon Cowell says, “so what?”

So, I changed it. I drew on my strengths — breezy dialogue, humor, and romantic elements — and it slowly evolved into the story I now have outlined. I love the heroine. I love the hero. And I love the supporting cast.

And now I get to hang out with them for a while. I hope they love me, too. Especially when they find out what I have planned for them. *evil laugh*

Being that this is the first scheduled FULL DAY OF WRITING on this new project I anticipate two things:

1) My condo will become very clean since I tidy things up when I’m procrastinating, and,

2) I will more than likely have a nap. Knowing I have to accomplish something is a prescription for overwhelming weariness.

Since, alas, Hugh Jackman is not right for the part of the hero this time, I’ve been searching far and wide for the perfect actor to embody Darrak in the theater of my brain. I flirted with Josh Holloway, I snuggled up to Gerard Butler, I even checked out Dane Cook. My demon hero is that subtle mix of bad boy, jokester, and wounded soul. He has issues, but he’s a bit more jovial (at least, on the surface) than my previous emo heroes. Plus, he needs to be hot. I finally gave the part to Colin Farrell. He promises (not) to behave himself.

And right after my nap, he’ll get his chance.

2 comments to “Sparking it up”

  1. Stargazer
     · November 9th, 2008 at 12:54 pm · Link

    Your new books Sounds GREAT! Cant wait to read it. Good Luck on the writing!

  2. Rahel
     · December 23rd, 2015 at 2:28 am · Link

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