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Hump day

Monday I blew through 5K no problem at all. Yesterday I hit a wall. I got sidetracked by a sudden and compulsive urge to test writing software. I can say that if you have a Mac, you might want to check out Storyist. I heard about it on Twitter, and, of course, felt compelled to download it and play with it for way too long. All of a sudden my day was gone and I only had 1300 words written, far short of my 5K goal — and most of it fairly bland and in need of a major rewrite. Today I plan to hit 5K. But tomorrow and Friday and through next week I’m freelancing at the ex-day job (this new MacBook ain’t just gonna pay for itself, you know). I can’t really focus on writing when I’m using the design half of my brain. I’ll do evenings, but I’m fairly positive I won’t be doing 5K a day.

So, what I said the other day about absolutely, positively, hitting my goals?

Yeah. Only fools are positive. It’s a saying. However, I will be finished my first draft no later than Dec 15th. That’s a stamped it, no erasies kind of deal.

I also had an extendo phone meeting with my agent yesterday and we (I) discussed where we (I) are (am) and where we (I) want to go with my career. I guess I’m constantly in a state of wondering if I should be doing more, better, faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill! Then I need to be reminded that all is well. The world is not as bleak as I sometimes think it is, I’m doing just fine, etcetera. Then my agent administered some valium and patted me on the head and then called the doctors with the straitjackets to come for the babbling, drooling blond chick with self esteem issues.

Neurotic. Who me?

I was listening to the Nora Roberts Q&A on the 2008 RWA conference CDs the other day. For all the time I’m wondering if what I’m doing is the right thing, if I’m writing in the right genre, or why, after nearly three years of being published, my doubt weasels have only gotten fatter and meaner…she’s probably written two books. She looks at writing as a job, not a gift handed to us by the muse. I like her no-nonsense attitude. I’m revising my What Would Madonna Do? to What Would Nora Do?

Nora doesn’t keep a blog. That’s food for thought right there.

And in a completely unrelated subject…did anyone see my future husband Hugh Jackman on Oprah the other day? Could he have looked any hotter? I DO NOT THINK SO.

One comment to “Hump day”

  1. KG
     · November 12th, 2008 at 8:05 pm · Link

    Sadly, I missed the Oprah. But I’ve been rewatching the trailer for “Australia” over and over. This is totally my kind of movie…and not just for the Hugh Jackman. But I just love anything that has the feel of an historical romance/drama.


    Can’t wait to see it!

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