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Tardiness and the single author

I’m feeling oddly perky. Which is very unlike me, mostly because I hate the word perky.

I’ve been eating healthier for a week now and I think that has a lot to do with it. Full disclosure, I’m on Jenny Craig right now. I’ve done it before, and while I love the food, I find I lose weight very slowly on this program so I usually get discouraged. But this time I’m going to stick with it if only for the perky feelings of healthy eating. And since I don’t know how to cook (or, really, want to learn) the prepackaged food is absolutely ideal for me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’d tell you how much I want to lose but then I’d have to kill you.

I’ve been working on my YA website. Soon my homepage will give visitors a choice between YA and paranormal romance (aka: adult books). I’m very happy with it. I’m using the iWeb program that came with my Mac and the templates are adorable. Not a lot of flexibility for changes, but I can work with it. Yesterday I retouched the headshot I’m going to be using. I tell you, if you want a decent photo of yourself, just have your make-up artist sister do your face and hair and then proceed to take 250 photos of you. Guaranteed that + a knowledge of photoshop will net you at least two shiny pics.

My goal this week is to blog daily. About whatever, it doesn’t matter. 

Today I’ll blog about my plans for the week. Uh… writing. Mainly. It is my life.

My deadline for LIVING IN EDEN is February 1st. I’m going to hand it in on Friday. I’m working through some of my beta reader suggestions right now.

It’s funny, because everything else in my life I”m so incredibly tardy for — I’m not sure that I was early for my day job once in my life (and believe me, I heard about this bad habit of mine on a regular basis from my employers — heh). When I was a kid, the school bus would make a special unscheduled stop for me on the corner, because I’d be late and running to catch it every morning. In high school I was always scurrying down the hall when the announcements and National anthem was played over the speakers. Friends know that when I say I’m going to be somewhere sometime they should add on fifteen minutes. One friend thinks she’s got me beat by telling me to be at her place fifteen minutes early. But I’m on to her games.

But writing deadlines? Totally different situation. I keep hearing about authors who kvetch about their deadlines and how they’re going to be late. Or how they’ll hand in a sloppy first draft just to make deadline. I don’t understand this at all. Not to sound like a brown-noser — heh heh — but my first draft deadline is always a month before the book is actually due. This gives me enough time to polish and enough leeway in case something goes awry. I usually hand in my book a few days or a few weeks early.

Is it because I take my writing career more seriously than anything else I should be on time for in my life?

To some extent, yes. But then I think about a situation where I had to cut out a stack of brochures once. Someone else was cutting them out one by one. I stacked about a dozen on top of each other and sliced right through the sheets all at the same time. Efficiency is born from laziness. I didn’t want to stand there for twelve times as long cutting stuff out.

The same applies to writing. I don’t want to go insane from stress a couple of days from my deadline and stay up all night long writing. This, to me, is not a happy thing.

Are you late for things? Deadlines? How do you get around this? Inquiring minds want to know.

5 comments to “Tardiness and the single author”

  1. Amy
     · January 26th, 2009 at 6:44 pm · Link

    You’ll hate me now. I’m rarely late.

    Even with deadlines. I just Git R’ Dun. No sloppy first drafts for me either. It drives me crazy to be late.

    I don’t like it. So for me missing a deadline might mean I would explode.

    I mean sometimes being late can’t be helped, but it makes me grate my teeth.

    For example, my OB in January. You’re supposed to check in 15 mins before appointment time. Well we had a very bad cold snap and the car wouldn’t start and there was frost on the inside of my car. I got there 5 mins before my appointment, and I was FREAKING OUT. Although no one else was. 15 mins is a guideline, but still.

  2. Michelle Rowen
     · January 26th, 2009 at 7:30 pm · Link

    It’s funny, even though I’m always late — I hate to be kept waiting by other late people. It’s karma, probably.

  3. Beth
     · January 27th, 2009 at 10:17 am · Link

    Two words: Crack. Berry. :) Without it, I might, quite possibly, cease to exist.

  4. Lisa Pulliam
     · January 27th, 2009 at 12:34 pm · Link

    I’m on Jenny Craig too and I LOVE it. I started it late September, lost some weight before the holidays. And am now just getting going again. I frickin love the food. I hate cooking, I hate spending time preparing healthy meals. This program is perfect for me. Did I mention I love the food? I just started eating the salad dressing. Please give me an IV of the Asian sesame. Mmmmmm. Only 100 more lbs to lose…lol

  5. Sena
     · January 27th, 2009 at 7:53 pm · Link

    I am ALWAYS late….(hangs head in shame)
    I think if I showed up early for Anything everyone would think I was sick or something was terribly wrong.

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