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Inspiration Friday (on Saturday)

Last night was the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, a show I have watched religiously since I discovered it well after it had begun in repeats on the Space channel and caught up as quick as I could. The finale was much more “hopeful” than I thought it would be, and although I have a few issues with how it all played out, I am very satisfied…something that doesn’t happen that often with a series finale.

I also watched last night’s episode of Dollhouse, despite my decision to swear off this show since I thought the previous episodes were weak at best, considering it was a Joss Whedon show. But something told me to keep watching it — a little voice in my head. Also a Facebook alert let me know that last night’s ep was the first that would give Joss’s true vision for the show, without network interference. And I’m glad I watched! It was the perfect mix of mythology, butt-kicking (Dushku is best when she’s kicking butt like Faith, not trying to stretch those acting skills), and snappy dialogue, plus some surprisingly touching moments (not surprisingly since it was from Joss, but surprising given my history of watching this new show). If the rest of the season is like last night, then I will sign on as an official fan.

What do both BSG and Dollhouse have in common? Tahmoh Penikett, who is my Inspiration this week for a half-vampire mercenary in a Michelle Maddox book I want to write one of these days. Plus, he’s Canadian!

5 comments to “Inspiration Friday (on Saturday)”

  1. Maureen McGowan
     · March 21st, 2009 at 2:52 pm · Link

    Big BSG fan. Huge. And still on the fence about the ending, too. I think no matter what they might have done, some people would be disappointed.

    I’d been thinking for ages, even a bit after they landed on the nuked-out “earth” that they would end up on our earth in a time way before us… but I was expecting maybe 3000 BC or something… where they could help engineer the pyramids and influence greek mythology, etc….

    But I clapped and bounced on my chair when Africa showed up as the planet rose above the moon they were over…

    Great news about Dollhouse. Still haven’t watched. Watched the BSG stuff (including the weak FanForum thing on Space) and then FNL before hitting the hay last night. Still have Dollhouse waiting for me on the DVR.

    Snort about Dushku’s acting skills. So for, for me, that’s been the biggest problem with the show. I didn’t believe her in most of those characters she’s played, so had trouble believing the clients would either…

  2. Michelle Rowen
     · March 21st, 2009 at 3:31 pm · Link

    On BSG, you know what would have made me happy? If when Starbuck said “I’m not sure where I’m off to, where are you off to?” If Lee replied, “Wherever you’re going.”

    I guess I’m a total romantic at heart. I always had hope for those two.

    I had to look up the explanation of the angel stuff. Makes sense. Sort of. But it doesn’t really gel with me.

    And I think you’ll like Dollhouse. I honestly feel like Joss has had no control over any of the previous shows. I guess he might be a cult favorite, but he’s not high enough in the food chain to have final say all the time.

  3. MJ
     · March 21st, 2009 at 9:24 pm · Link

    Tahmoh is why I stuck with Dollhouse. I’m wondering about how stalker neighbor suddenly turned into romantic neighbor, but just me, I guess. This episode was better but I still don’t love it.

    BSG left some unanswered questions….what was Starbuck? Did they travel back in time….that is, had the earth they reached the first time the earth of the future, or a different planet altogether?

    And what was the point of the flashbacks?

    I’m with you, though. I wanted Starbuck and Apollo together in the end.

  4. Michelle Rowen
     · March 22nd, 2009 at 12:47 am · Link

    Dunno. Dollhouse definitely did it for me this week. Could be because ED wasn’t the focus. And my money’s on the British chick boss being a doll controlled by the higher ups.

    From what I’m gathering, Starbuck was an angel after her viper crashed. A physical embodiment of an angel meant to lead them to earth. Head Six and Head Baltar were also these “angels.”

    And I took it to mean that humanity constantly destroys and rebuilds itself over and over again. The earth they finally made it to is “our” earth. The other one they found was not.

    The flashbacks were just there to show character — and to show how far they’ve come and how much they stay the same. I think for Apollo and Starbuck, it also showed that their timing was always just a little bit off with each other.

  5. Shanna
     · March 27th, 2009 at 3:13 pm · Link

    I definately agree about Dollhouse – this episode was much more “Whedonesque”. My understanding is that Joss had the first few episodes shot, the Network didn’t like ’em that way, so they had to reshoot. The show just feels different when Joss gets his own way! You’d think with all the popularity his shows get (albeit some of them a bit too late), that the they would just learn to let him do his own thing……..and maybe not cancel his shows at really good points (ahem Angel….Firefly…..)

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