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Interview…and other stuff

I’m doing a Q&A over on Cari Quinn’s blog about Stakes & Stilettos and writing. I’m giving away a copy of S&S to a commenter. Check it out here.

One week until the official release! I’m going to do another Virtual Release Party here on the blog next Tuesday so please swing by for virtual margaritas and virtual chocolate fountains and real prizes.

My goal this week is to do another 50 pages (or more, preferably) on Reign Check. I brainstormed the middle section the other day, having to answer two very specific questions about character motivation, and I’m glad I took the time because I ended up with two lovely plot twists that work into things very nicely. Also, while I find the second book in a series particularly tricky (case in point: Fanged & Fabulous was the hardest book I’ve ever had to write), it’s fun finding the little subconscious “clues” I left myself that I can build on in future books. In the Immortality Bites series, it was a random MacGuffin of a gold chain that comes into major play in the last books (and I thought it was just something I’d never refer to again) and in Demon Princess it’s a bracelet that’s given to the main character by her demon father. Small things that become large plot points. It’s helpful having a wagon to hitch one’s plot onto.

I’m also working on a side project which I really don’t have time for, but the muse disagrees. I had another side project, a women’s fiction, that I should work on, but I’m not as inspired by that at the moment as I am this other thing, so I’m giving it a little attention to see what springs forth.

Some random thoughts on entertainment I’ve viewed lately:

Watchmen — I went into this movie with next to no knowledge about the world or story. I liked it. I bit relentlessly grim and bloody, but it did work. There were some pacing problems I found and I wouldn’t have complained if it had been cut by 30 minutes. 8/10

Forgetting Sarah Marshall — Caught this one on the movie channel. I’ve avoided it like the plague because I was convinced I’d hate it, based on the previews. I didn’t hate it. Actually, I quite loved it and laughed out loud several times. Very clever premise and writing and likable characters. Now I want to see I Love You, Man and I hadn’t planned to see that one, like, ever. 9/10

Supernatural, Ep. 4.16 – “On The Head Of A Pin” — After the slumpiest middle in the show’s history, we’re back to the good angels vs. demons stuff. I could not love Castiel more. After some googling, I’ve found some proof (although not conclusive — it was an interview with the actor portraying Castiel) that the angel’s going to be added to the regular cast in Season 5 which is a very good thing indeed. The only thing better is if they spun him off into his own series. My only problem with this episode and this entire season is the fact that I just don’t buy Dean having been in hell for, what is it? 50 years? And torturing other souls after he was broken. Nah. But I’ll play along. 10/10

America’s Next Top Model — My favorite guilty pleasure. The show is exactly the same, cycle after cycle, and that’s why I like it so. It’s reliably mindless, with some insights on “what it takes to achieve your dreams.”  7/10

Dancing with the Stars — I have no idea why I watch this show. The one thing I admire is the fact that these “stars” take it so damn seriously. Even Steve-O!! Read yesterday that they all get $200K for being on it, even if they’re voted out the first week.  6.5/10

Twilight — I have the DVD in hand, have already watched the bonus 3rd disk. Will watch the movie itself soon, followed by the rest of the bonus bits + the commentary track with the dreary Kristen Stewart and the dreamy Rob Pattinson. Love. This. Movie. Why?  I. Do. Not. Know. 100/10

8 comments to “Interview…and other stuff”

  1. Amy Ruttan
     · March 23rd, 2009 at 6:23 pm · Link

    I like Apatow movies. I want to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  2. Maureen McGowan
     · March 23rd, 2009 at 6:23 pm · Link

    LOL at your Twilight rating.

    Sarah Marshall was surprising, wasn’t it? Characters are slightly more layered than you first expect and fun to have that kind of story told from the male perspective.

    Watchmen… I’m with you on the over-the-top violence. It might have just been the mood I was in that night, but it felt like the most graphically violent thing Id ever seen. And I’ve seen the Tarantino movies. All of them. More than once….

    ANTM… That show’s slipping for me, but I still love it. Can’t take the TV ad episodes where Tyra has the gall to criticize (sometimes humiliate) the girl’s delivery of their lines when she’s getting crazier and crazier all the time. Seriously. Does she not watch or listen to herself on that show? Does she think she’s funny????

    Tyra rant over.

  3. K J Gillenwater
     · March 23rd, 2009 at 7:06 pm · Link

    1) ANTM. I love this show, too. My favorite part, really, is seeing the finished pictures after watching the photo shoots. Because some girl who looks just hideous in make up and outfit can come out looking stunning in the right photo. Love bug-eyed anime girl. She should move to Japan, they would LOVE her over there.

    2) Twilight. I must know, if I am only part way through the book and finding it so-so, would you say the movie is better or worse than the book? I have discovered that I do not like deep 1st person POV…at least not when I’m inside a boring teenage girl’s head. Like it when Edward is around. He’s much more intriguing. Anyway, just wondering.

    3) I adore “Supernatural” and I’m crazy about Castiel. BUT I must admit this season is so dark that there has been very little classic Dean/Sam interaction, which is one of the reasons I love the show. The humor amidst the darkness. Looks like this week will be a return to form. But I’m worried that once they go down the dark path…that they won’t be able to go back to ‘normal’ Dean and Sam shenanigans after saving the world. Which would make me sad.

  4. Michelle Rowen
     · March 23rd, 2009 at 7:26 pm · Link

    Maureen… have you seen Sin City? Way more violent than Watchmen. And Tyra’s crazy and her own number one fan. I’ve decided to accept that rather than fight it.

    KJ… Bella annoyed me for pretty much the entire series. I can only equate my love of the books to Edward and Jacob. It took me a couple tries to get into Twilight (the book), but once I did, I was a goner. Even though I hated Bella. I honestly can’t explain it. The movie is different because happily we’re out of her head. Kristen Stewart perfectly plays the character, although I’m seeing this is pretty much the same way she plays every character.

    Bottom line, it’s all about Edward. :)

  5. ~Linda~
     · March 23rd, 2009 at 7:56 pm · Link

    OMG I have to agree with you about Kristen Stewart LOL. I have picked up my Twilight DVD at Target’. But have not had a chance to open it. Boooo. I do love the books and loved the movie. I can’t wait for New Moon, what do you think about Dakota Fanning playing Jane???

    Supernatural ahhhhhh love those boys… I have been dvr’ing it. So I am a bit behind.

  6. K J Gillenwater
     · March 26th, 2009 at 8:11 am · Link

    Thanks for the thoughts on Bella in the film. Good to know I don’t have to listen to Bella voiceover…that’s what worried me. That they’d have the character talk over the whole film about her repetitive thoughts.

    For me the book is a weird thing. I get very annoyed by the way Ms. Meyer wrote it…because I think it could’ve been edited into a much tighter, better book in some ways…but then there are parts when I find myself reading along at a very quick pace because I get involved with the story and finding out more about the mysterious Edward.

    And I would agree with you, it’s all about Edward. :-)

  7. coffeegirl18
     · March 30th, 2009 at 11:17 am · Link

    I adored Twilight, it had an interesting feeling to it that was different from the novel.

    Something draws me to moody sexy vamps. I think it might be something primal it brings to the surface, the whole sex-death thing.

    Speaking of sexy vamps I met Jason Dohring last year…I was really into watching Veronica Mars for a long time before that. The Moonlight…so I was trying not to fangirl as I tend to :( He smells really really good too. /fangirl

    Watchmen was good although I forgot Dr Manhattan was fully nude *headhand*. Saw it with my dad aka my fellow comic book geek…awkward much. I love anything by Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman…and the Fallen Angel and the newer Anita Blake series.

    Anyways I’m off to write more of my horror novel, I think it needs a smidge more Gothicism…too little gloom. LOL ;V

  8. coffeegirl18
     · March 30th, 2009 at 11:23 am · Link

    I forgot to mention I have my roommates addicted to Top Model. I really adore London and Fo. Was anyone else suprised about last weeks girl that was voted off. I thought she’d be on til the end.

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