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Progress, weasels & archetypes

I’m heading into my last few scenes of Eden #2 and trying to ignore the doubt weasels that are gnawing at my ankles for this book. They’ve been on vacation for quite some time but seem to have returned with more friends.

It’s like I logically know that a first draft can be rough, and I have budgeted plenty of time to make things bigger and better, but I’m still getting nervous that it won’t be good enough. I don’t just want it to be good, I want it to ROCK and lead to more books about these crazy characters who’ve now set up house in the condo of my head (along with my demon princess, her friends, and other sundry creatures currently simmering in my cranium).

It is this self-doubt that pushes me forward. I swear, as soon as I think whatever I’ve written is gold, it’s a sure sign that it’s lousy. So the fact that my doubt weasels are juggling with my self-confidence is, hopefully, proof that this book is going to be a good’un that I’ll be proud of.

I’ll just go on the record right now, though, that Darrak is my favorite hero to write so far. He fits well into the “charmer” hero archetype. A bit different from my usual “lost souls” who need the heroine’s light to complete them. Darrak has his share of angst to deal with, of course, but he’s definitely the funniest hero I’ve written and stunned that he’s fallen for my heroine as much as she is. At least, I think he’s funny. Eden, my heroine, is more of the straight-laced type. She has a mix of “librarian” and “crusader” heroine archetypes. While watching some of Two Weeks Notice the other day I thought — there’s two characters who remind me of Eden and Darrak! Kinda sorta.

Anyhow, talking about a WIP is only interesting for the person writing it, I think.

Here’s my progress… I won’t be blogging again until this puppy is done. Then I immediately move into the revisions on Demon Princess: Reign Check that are due the end of the month. I love the hero, Michael, in those books as well (as well as the love triangle dude I’ve introduced in book 2 – heh heh). But Michael’s not exactly a joke-cracking kind of guy like Darrak is. S’okay. He’s hot enough that I’ll forgive him.

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