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Titles, updates, and other sundry topics

TDIMHey, remember that paranormal book, LIVING IN EDEN, I’ve talked about? The one that’s coming out next May and is going to rock and that you’re going to get totally sick of me talking about soon?? Well, it’s got a new title. I will now be officially referring to it as THE DEMON IN ME. Which, actually, means pretty much the same as LIVING IN EDEN, only the original was a play on the heroine’s name, etcetera. I’m very happy with the new title. Enough that I made a little graphic of it to brighten up this post.

I would post a picture of a hot demon-like guy to celebrate, but I recently got a smack-down by a celebrity photographer whose photos I used on the blog without permission (they have since been removed by moi). When he emailed me I immediately got defensive. I mean, what a jerk! But then I thought — omg, he’s absolutely right! How can I get peeved about ebook piracy when I ignorantly use someone else’s work without a thought as to who produced it? So I’m going to keep a closer eye on the photos I post here. Because I hate hypocrites and I don’t want to be one if I can help it.

I did some website updates today. I have posted pages for Hot Spell (including first chapter) and the Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance anthology (including excerpt).

So this week I was going to just chill and recoup my energy from my last book. But I’ve been busy busy busy with all the chores that I’ve put off for a couple of months. They do stack up quickly!! And I’ve been doing some graphic design and generally keeping myself super busy with Things Other Than Writing. But the calendar doesn’t change. Therefore, I am officially starting on NIGHTSHADE on Monday. I want to blog a bit more than I have been recently. I’m such a slacker. Like, at least every other day I’ll be here. It will probably be progress reports, mostly, but there are other things to talk about than writing, right?

Like the finale of So You Think You Can Dance? What did you think? Personally I was hoping Brandon would take it (despite the “apology” from Mia, I think she was over the top, unprofessionally rude and demoralizing to him and would have liked to see him stick it to her a bit more). But Jeanette took it and I’m happy for her. She’s a cutie and if I had legs like that I’d never wear pants. I’m just saying.

Don’t even get me started about The Bachelorette. What a waste of time! And yet, I always watch this show. Reports are that Ed has already cheated on Jillian! How sad is that? However, a clip of this show on The Dish helped me finally see the difference of aboot versus about debate. And I am firmly confident that it’s the Americans who say it wrong. So there.

Movies I’ve seen lately…

The Proposal — Cute, if somewhat unsatisfying. Love Sandra Bullock, she can do no wrong. Ryan Reynolds = hot. I enjoyed it, but wouldn’t buy it on DVD.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — Liked it. Saw it twice and liked it better the second time. I have Ginny issues. There’s just zero chemistry there. But since there was also zero chemistry in the books, I’ll forgive the same flaw in the movies. I’m still disappointed that Draco never turned out to be the Cordelia Chase of the Harry Potter Scooby Gang, but I’m trying to get over it. Sigh.

The Hangover — Funniest movie, possibly ever. I’ve rarely laughed so hard in public. Very R-rated, though. I would not go to see this with my mother.

Wow… I haven’t been seeing many movies lately. If I’ve seen more than the above, I forget them.

As far as books, I’m currently reading a bunch at the same time — including an ARC of Catching Fire (which, so far, is good but isn’t blowing my mind like The Hunger Games did). I have a very hard time concentrating, thus the reason for multiple novels on the go. I’m going to start reviewing books that I really enjoy here on zee blog.

How about you? Seen anything this summer that’s really stuck with you? TV, movies, or books? I’m always up for suggestions. :)

4 comments to “Titles, updates, and other sundry topics”

  1. Sewicked
     · August 7th, 2009 at 2:02 pm · Link

    I’ve been on a Shelly Laurenston kick recently. I read all of her Pride books & almost all of her Magnus Pack (I’m missing one short story, which I’m expecting in the mail).

    Skinwalker rocked (by Faith Hunter). I really enjoyed Red-Headed Stepchild but that was longer ago & I’ve slept since then.

    As far as the photo inspiration goes, why not ‘hey, this is where I saw this photo, if you want to see my inspiration, go _here_’. That way you still share the pic but you don’t impinge someone’s copyright.

  2. Michelle Rowen
     · August 7th, 2009 at 2:25 pm · Link

    Yeah… I think that’s what I’ll do when I use pics from now on. That is, if there’s a way to tell who they belong to in the first place.

    Thanks for the book suggestions! :)

  3. Danette
     · August 7th, 2009 at 9:43 pm · Link

    Hi Michelle,

    I like the new title. :)

    I just finished my summer class,so I haven’t got a chance to read too much. I did read Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi and that was good, I’ve been thinking about getting the rest of the series.


  4. Cecile
     · August 8th, 2009 at 2:03 am · Link

    First, Congrats on the new title… I agree with you, they both work!

    I did just finish with Charlotte Featherstone’s Addicted… and that book made me addicted for more to come!

    Movie wise… OMG…. The Hangover had to be the funniest movie I have seen in I can’t remember how long. I went watch it with my sister in law and we l(our)ao!!!! We alse feel in with Bradley Cooper… those eyes!!

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