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Interview elsewhere and diet tips here

I’m over at Patricia’s Vampire Notes today with an interview and giveaway of a signed copy of Tall, Dark & Fangsome. Come over and visit with me!

Last week was seriously jam-packed full of time consuming new release stuff. It’s all great, but I’m glad to get back on the wagon to wordy town (as I, lamely, call it) and start writing fresh stuff. It’s always interesting to do promo for a book I was completely finished with a year ago. Sometimes it’s even a bit hard to remember plot points. I’m glad to see that readers are pleased with Fangsome and are wanting more from these characters. As the old saying goes: always leave ’em wanting more. It would be worse if everyone’s like, oh god, not another book about these lame characters. Some might be saying that, of course, but hopefully they’re in the minority.

Anyhoooo…. I’m writing NIGHTSHADE right now and finding it a challenge to get steadily into the writing, mainly because of my time restraints lately. I need complete and utter concentration, silence, and heaps of chocolate to properly get started on a new write. Alas, I have been lacking on all three counts lately. Concentration is lacking. Silence is rare. And there is no chocolate currently in the condo-o-love. 

healthy_eatingI’m actually ok with the no chocolate part, though. I’ve embraced healthy eating this year. I’ve battled with my weight my entire life and am finally (better late than never!!) doing something about it. I just wish my metabolism would help out a little bit. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, it’s like pulling teeth to get the pounds off. However, since the end of January, I’m down 30 pounds as of this morning which is very encouraging — and actually, the most I’ve ever lost at any one time.

I’ve also even been…***cough, hack***….exercising. A little. Although, not nearly enough.

So what I’ve learned in the last seven months of attempting to change a lifetime of bad eating habits…

Smaller portions + exercise + time and patience = Success

Who the $#(% knew????

Okay, I knew. But I’d never actually put it to the test before. I’d go on a diet and do it for a couple of weeks. When I didn’t see the weight melting off I’d get discouraged and go back to how I ate before because the diets were restrictive and I needed a “treat”. Which was not good. Susan Powter once said she was in a fat coma when she had weight issues. I have to agree with that term. I’ve been in that coma for 38 years. And I’m finally waking up.

I’m doing this with Jenny Craig at the moment. They’re frakkin expensive and I’d love to be able to do it on my own, but with my dieting history, I’d rather pay the money at the moment for a program I know I’ll follow (the food is deelish!). I feel optimistic about my success in this area of my life for the first time in years.

Two things I’ve wanted since I was a teenager — to be a published writer and to be thin and in control of my body. Well, I’m a published writer. Full time. And the same traits that helped me achieve that goal are the same traits that will help me get to my weight loss goal: perseverance, patience, and the singleminded desire to achieve something tangible.

I can do it!!! And my butt will totally thank me. ;)

2 comments to “Interview elsewhere and diet tips here”

  1. Elie N
     · September 1st, 2009 at 2:58 pm · Link

    Good for you and keep it up. I love Weight Watchers because it allows me to have chocolate whenever I want!

    Keep writing, I can’t wait to read more from you.

  2. Ronnie
     · May 21st, 2010 at 9:37 am · Link

    Love it! Keep up the good work. I am so with you.. who would have know, smaller portions, exercise and patience=success! :-) My hubby has been telling me THAT for years and guess what? I finally listened and I feel and look great! Good luck!

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