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It's seriously Friday again??

The strange thing about writing full time is that it’s easy to lose track of what day of the week it is. When one has a day job, each day of the week has a different feel. Monday’s suck. Wednesdays mean you’re halfway there. Friday’s rock, etc. Now…it’s all the same. The only difference is that some days I don’t get as much email (ie: the weekends).

I have no point. I’m just stating a fact.

This is Sammy who seems to attach himself to my leg like a furry hot water bottle whenever I sit down to get some work done. FYI, Sammy was named for Sam Winchester on Supernatural. Season premiere was last night and IT WAS AWESOME!! Huzzah for season five!!


Anyhoo… I’m pretty much on track with Nightshade. Currently my heroine is in some rather hot water. The character arc for my heroine Jillian is inspired by that of Sarah Connor in T1 and T2. She starts off a regular woman thrust into a bizarre, life-threatening situation. And she slowly adapts until she can kick some serious butt. It’s all about finding the strength inside yourself you never thought you had.

Writing a book that’s a bit more actiony (for want of a better word) is seriously draining. While I feel my regular Rowen stuff has lots of action and suspense, it’s just a different feel. The voice is similar but the pacing is ramped up in Nightshade. I remember writing Countdown and being totally stressed out for the six weeks it took me to do the first draft. I wasn’t sure why, but then I realized it was because I was in my character’s head. She was stressed out so therefore I was too. Ditto Nightshade.

Poor Jillian. She is not having an easy time of it. *evil laugh*

It is kind of fun writing about vampires that don’t enjoy Tequila Sunrises and angst about their love lives. There is nothing chick-litty about the vamps in Nightshade, that’s for sure. At least not the ones I’ve met so far.

There is a lot of new TV to watch this week, but I’m still getting my words in. This first draft will be done by the end of the month. Or else! *cracks whip*


The only interruption in my writing schedule this weekend, other than potential TV goodness, is my Toronto Romance Writer‘s meeting which is tomorrow. TRW’s a chapter of Romance Writers of America. Have I mentioned that I’m Vice President this year? If not, I’m Vice President this year! It’s my job to books speakers for 2010 (which is all done, huzzah) and hand out chocolates for people with good news. If you’re in the area and you’re an aspiring or published writer of romance or books with romantic elements, you really should check us out.

Okay… I have 10 more pages to write today. Onward!

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