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A Blazin'…new deal? Why, yes!

My first Harlequin Blaze, HOT SPELL, is now available on the eHarlequin.com site in both print and ebook versions a full month before it’ll be available anywhere else! Check it out!

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I cannot tell you how much fun I had writing this book. I originally decided I wanted to write a Blaze because I wanted to challenge myself to write something sexier. The Immortality Bites series and my stand alone angel book were quite tame and I am very fine with that. It wouldn’t have fit the story to have explicit sex scenes in them, in my honest opinion. So I didn’t include them. I felt the sexual tension was pretty hot, though. ;)

So I wondered if I could write a sexier book. And I got the opportunity to give it a shot, and the result was HOT SPELL, which I’m just as happy with as I have been with any of my other books. These characters are really fun. And messed up. And angsty. LOL. Also it was a great opportunity to really focus on a relationship in a book and build a believable HOT romance in only 55K words. It was definitely a challenge, but I’m more than happy with the results I got and was open to the chance to try it again.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just accepted a deal with my fabulous editor Brenda Chin to write TWO MORE FUN AND SEXY HARLEQUIN BLAZES! Woo hoo!

I’m going to be working on one of them in between NIGHTSHADE books to give myself a chance to “cleanse my writing palette” on something lighter before I get back into the dark and gritty.

Just like HOT SPELL, the two new books will feature psychic agents who work for the Paranormal Assessment and Recovery Agency (conveniently and appropriately acronymed to PARA…heh) as they discover enchanted or cursed objects that just might change their lives forever.

The first book’s tentatively titled STORMY WEATHER and features a telekinetic heroine inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie (that is, if he wrote comedy romance). The poor hero. He has NO idea what’s coming for him. ;)

I think I need a couple more days to fill the well and regain my weary imagination after finishing the first draft of NIGHTSHADE, but then I’m getting started on STORMY WEATHER! Can’t wait!!

6 comments to “A Blazin'…new deal? Why, yes!”

  1. Nicole Peeler
     · October 1st, 2009 at 10:55 am · Link

    AWESOME NEWS! YAY! I’m stoked for you! Rock it, sistah!

  2. Emma Petersen
     · October 1st, 2009 at 11:36 am · Link

    WOOT! WOOT! Congrats! Congrats! Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Mary MacVoy
     · October 1st, 2009 at 11:45 am · Link

    Woot! That’s fabulous news, Michelle!!!!

    These sounds like some super new books. I can’t wait to read them.

    (I’m also tickled to hear that you’re doing so well with all the goals you’ve been setting yourself.)


  4. RachaelfromNJ
     · October 1st, 2009 at 1:03 pm · Link

    Great news about more Blazes! YAY! The more Michelle Rowen books a year, the better!

  5. Cari Quinn
     · October 1st, 2009 at 5:42 pm · Link

    Yay, Michelle! I’m VERY happy about this news…and also very happy I can buy the book of Hot Spell tonight! WOOT! :)

  6. Laura
     · October 2nd, 2009 at 3:48 am · Link

    I’ll be watching for it. I’m surprised you would write for Harlequin now when you have published with more prestigious publishers. Not that I’m complaining, I read all your books. Might even read the YA new one.

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