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Raisin days

raisinA week without a blog post is like a…um…is like a…something without something!

Lack of easy metaphors from me means that my well is dry. My imagination is currently resembling a small pathetic little raisin, and not a cheery singing Californian one. I need to recover my muse. She’s currently mainlining caffeine to stay awake.

I’m officially finished my urban fantasy NIGHTSHADE and it is jetting off to my betareaders as we speak. I’m happy with it. Now I need to figure out what book two is going to be about, although based on the first book I have a pretty good idea. I won’t say it ends on a cliffhanger because I don’t like cliffhangers (well, other than Stakes & Stilettos, of course), but being that it is a duology (or, let’s face it, more if it does really well) the end of book one is extremely…open. But still satisfying. I think. We shall see, you know, in 2011. That’s like TOMORROW in the publishing industry, people. 

I’m about to start proofreading my REIGN CHECK galleys. This is the last stage an author gets to see their book before it becomes a, well, a real book. Yes, the last stage is sometimes eight whole months before the book is published. I’ve also recently gotten a glimpse of the upcoming cover for this and I can tell you right now that it is ADORABLE. And very pink. I shall say no more until I can share the final version.

What else…what else. I mean, a whole week! A lot probably happened, right?

Hmmm… not so much. I’ve been kind of focused on finishing the book so I’ve barely raised my head up above my hole in the ground. This week I’m chilling, but I’ll probably start on the new Blaze, STORMY WEATHER in a few days.

Speaking of Blazes, here’s what Night Owl Romance had to say about HOT SPELL, which is out in only a couple more weeks! Their review won’t be going live until November 1st, but thought I’d share a snippet of their 5-star top pick review!

“I loved this story from the very beginning…Ms. Rowen is a great storyteller and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. Because of the paranormal theme, this would make a perfect book to read for Halloween. If you’re like me though, a great paranormal story is perfect any time of year!”

And that’s that.

I’ll try not to make it another week without a blog post again, but time will tell.

A couple fast movie reviews I caught on the movie channel recently…

Yes Man (Jim Carrey) — Fun, worth watching. 7/10

Seven Pounds (Will Smith) – Depressing and thought-provoking, but flawed. I figured out the ending about a half hour in. 7/10

I have a ton of books I need to get through. Vegging in front of the TV is good for only so long!

3 comments to “Raisin days”

  1. Jamie D. (@Variety Pages)
     · October 13th, 2009 at 7:11 pm · Link

    If compliments help your muse any, I just finished “Hot Spell” last night, and it is completely fabulous! (Got it in my monthly Blaze ebook subscription this month). There’s a very http://thevarietypages.blogspot.com/2009/10/goals-reading-list-101209.htmlquick review of it on my blog (bottom of the linked post) if you care to check it out (hardly a review, just a recommendation to read).

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next one – thanks for several hours of engaging (and steamy) escape! :-)

  2. Michelle Rowen
     · October 13th, 2009 at 8:06 pm · Link

    My muse (and I) thank you!! :)

  3. Tori
     · October 17th, 2009 at 10:01 pm · Link

    Oh.My.God. I must buy Hot Spell as soon as I get some extra cash. Everything I’ve read of yours, and I do mean everything, has been amazing. You rock. I hope someday, if I ever get published, I can be like you.

    You write full-time right? It seems like you finish books a little more quickly than I ever could. How do you survive writing 3-4 books a year?

    Do you make enough money writing that you don’t need a day job? Do you write so many books a year because, frankly, you really need the money or do you just like the fast pace?

    How much time does it take you to get from the beginnings of an idea, to having done enough pre writing that you can start writing your new project? I have a feeling I am obsessing about the planning stage of my novel because I SO don’t want it to suck.

    You rock. Keep writing.

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