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Buh-bye 2010

Only a few days left of this year. Wow, it seemed to go really fast. Like, REALLY fast.

While I’m in no hurry for 2011 to get here (that of my *cough* 40th *cough* birthday in February. *SCREAM* No, really, I’m making my peace with it. PEACE. WITH. IT. AHH!!), but 2010 has definitely been a bit of a challenge. I can’t really say I’m sorry it’s over. I’m hoping that the coming year is going to be full of awesome.

I finished the first draft of THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC today. Hooray! It’s rough, but I’m happy with it. I have the month of January to make it shinier before my official deadline. It was lots of fun to spend time with Darrak again. Oh, and Eden too. But mostly Darrak. ;)

2010 had the release of a bunch of novels from yours truly — THE DEMON IN ME, DEMON PRINCESS: REIGN CHECK, SOMETHING WICKED, and TOUCH AND GO. Lots of demons. And a couple psychics for good measure. I was very happy to hear that SOMETHING WICKED is up for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award for Paranormal Fiction!

I’ve written a lot this year. Let me see….I wrote BLOODLUST, BLEEDING HEART (novella), INEVITABLE, and TOBM, along with a full spec young adult manuscript (aka an entire 85K book I wrote without first being contracted for it — this shall be making the rounds early next year), while I was waiting to hear back on the proposals I had out and about. Happily both of those proposals ended up selling so I’ll be writing NIGHTWATCHERS (young adult) and BLOOD BATH & BEYOND (paranormal mystery) next year along with their sequels shortly afterward.

There were a few other things I worked on, including a super dark dystopian young adult proposal which I like a lot, but my agent and I decided to table. For now. I’m already going dark with NIGHTSHADE. May as well not rock the boat TOO MUCH in the Rowenverse until we see how my darker side goes over with readers. And, obviously, I hope it goes over VERY WELL. Time will tell.

I’ve now finished my year as president of Toronto Romance Writers, which was a great experience (not the finishing, that is, but the presidenting). This year I also went to the Romantic Times convention in Columbus, Ohio, and the RWA National Conference in Orlando, Florida, plus the Polaris convention here in Toronto. All awesome, but I have a goal next year of going on a vacation that has absolutely nothing to do with writing. It could happen.

FAVORITE TELEVISION SHOW: In 2010 I discovered the world of Doctor Who. I’ve had my geek card double stamped because I am REALLY loving it. Not so much Matt Smith (he’s okay, I guess), but I’m definitely a David Tennant fangirl. I tried to check out a couple DVDs of retro, scarf-wearing Doctor Who and it doesn’t work as well for me. I like the new stuff — and since I’m a hopeless romantic, I am a Rose/Doctor shipper all the way. If you can make me laugh and cry in the same episode, I’m hooked.

FAVORITE MOVIE: The two that stick out the most in my memory are Inception and Knight and Day. Two very different movies, but I enjoyed both and found no fault with either. Good times. Although I think I’d like to see Inception again just so I can try to understand it a bit better.

FAVORITE BOOK: This has to go to Stacia Kane‘s Downside Ghosts trilogy beginning with UNHOLY GHOSTS. At the urging of Eve Silver, whose Otherworld trilogy comes in a very close second in my favorite category), I got ’em for my Kindle. “You’ll love Terrible,” Eve told me. “Really?” I said after I started reading the first few chapters. “What’s so sexy about this creep?” However, it didn’t take much longer for me to be fully convinced of Terrible’s deliciousness as I promptly fell head over heels for him. Stacia, hands down, is a master at sexual tension and crafting a love triangle that had me literally shouting at certain plot twists. I don’t know how she does it but my hat is off to her. If I wore a hat.

FAVORITE PURCHASE: My 3G Kindle. It’s wonderful and easy to use. Makes buying books TOO easy. But I’ve been reading more than ever before, which is great. I’ve decided to buy mostly mass market paperbacks on it and will still buy the dead-tree version of trade paperbacks and hard covers, since they look pretty on the shelf. What? It’s a thing.

All right, so that’s just a very brief, very Rowencentric overview of 2010. My fingers are crossed that 2011 is going to be an amazing year all around!

Speaking of NIGHTSHADE (well, I was earlier in the post), here’s the book trailer I made for it recently. I can’t believe it’s a month from the release!!

Night Owl Reviews says: “Ms. Rowen proves once again with Nightshade that she is a top author in the genre of paranormal romance…Nightshade is exciting, sexy, edgy and suspenseful. This is an excellent addition to paranormal romance and the first of what looks to be a promising new series.”

Nice! By the way, I’m giving away two signed ARCs of this book over on Goodreads. Contest closes on December 31 so check it out while there’s still time!

2 comments to “Buh-bye 2010”

  1. Karyn M
     · December 28th, 2010 at 12:41 am · Link

    Good for you! I read a lot this year, too, but didn’t keep track as a pesky poltergeist kept knocking over my stacks of books. Yeah, real funny. I’m not cleaning that shit up. I hope to get a Kindle in 2011 so I don’t keep running into that kind of trouble. Looking forward to your 2011 releases!


  2. Ash'o
     · December 28th, 2010 at 1:23 am · Link

    I just brought myself a Kindle from Amazon. Thanks to my nanna she showed me how to use one. I was so jealous so I gotta have one.
    But my Kindle will arrive on 20th Jan. Too long to wait :(
    I made a list of books I want. Of course I want the whole seris of your light vamp books. I only read two of your vamp books. And “Angle with Attitude” (totally loved that book)
    My friends told me “Demon Princess” was great so I gotta read that.

    Um…what else could I say?
    Did you have a nice Christmas?
    Can’t wait for your 2011 release.

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