Michelle Rowen

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State of the Rowen

Inspired by Jill Myles’ list of works in progress, I thought I’d do the same….


Second draft of REIGN FALL (Demon Princess #3) is done and I’m happy with it. I think it’s my favorite DP book to date, but I usually feel that way when things are so fresh in my mind. It’s slowly on its way to my beta-readers and after that, to my proofreader and copy editor. I need to write back cover copy for this, but since I don’t plan to self-pub it till January, I’m in no huge rush.

Galleys of THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC — need to proofread these by the 6th, then I’m all finished my Living in Eden series, which ended up turning into a trilogy. A bit bittersweet, since Darrak is so much fun to write.

Editorial revisions on DARK KISS (Nightwatchers #1). My first YA with Harlequin Teen, which I’m extremely excited about. It’s also my longest book to date and will likely hit 100K by the time I’m finished this round of revisions. Working on some worldbuilding stuff so everything makes sense going forward. Had a recent inspiration about the characters that will need to be tweaked in this book, but it makes me very happy that I thought of it.


Will be writing WICKED KISS (Nightwatchers #2), which is due in a few months. I don’t usually talk much about new projects until I have cover art, etc., but I can’t wait to introduce this world and these characters to readers. Darker fantasy YA, but still with a humorous edge to the voice, romantic, thrilling…can’t wait!

Will be writing REIGN STORM (Demon Princess #4), the last book in the series that I will be self-publishing the first half of next year. Some people wonder why authors don’t just finish up any and all series that get dropped by their publishers. Well, I’ll tell you why. Because — hoo boy — it takes a lot of time and energy to write a whole book and there is absolutely no guarantee that anyone will really care when it comes out (sad but true, although the same could be said for regular publishing too). I’m writing these particular books because I want closure on this series for myself as a writer. It will be the icing on the cake if readers are excited about it too. It’s been a lot of fun to experiment with this, and REIGN FALL was a surprisingly pleasant breeze to write, so I hope the fun continues as I dive into the last book. :)

Will be writing BLED & BREAKFAST (A Sarah Dearly Vampire Mystery #2), but it won’t be for a few months while I focus on everything else. Looking forward to this one, since BLOOD BATH & BEYOND was a rare treat. Returning to Sarah’s POV was a lot of fun. And when work can be fun, it’s golden!

GLIMMER PROJECTS — ideas that might happen, but not any time soon

Middle grade fantasy — keeps twigging at me with a couple fun ideas, especially a fairy tale one that just lit up for me with renewed brightness after seeing “Tangled” the other day. I’m not sure that I want to try another genre, though, when I’m now busy in YA and will be newly published in mystery in 2012. I have a tendency to be easily distracted.

More paranormal romance — I’m taking a bit of a break from this genre after THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC comes out, but I still get tons of ideas for it. My ideas tend toward heroine-driven series with the same protagonist in each book, which doesn’t seem to connect perfectly in this genre with reader expectation at this time (the books that do best seem to be alpha-hero driven), so I’m trying to assess what is best for my career going forward and staying true to my voice.

Magical women’s fiction — since I’m most comfortable writing heroine-driven books with romantic subplots, I feel like this particular sub-genre is drawing me in like a Star Trek trajectory beam. I do have a proposal completed on something interesting here. We will see if anyone else thinks it’s interesting. ;)

More YA — I have a full book (vampires) that has been shopping for a while now and if it doesn’t sell, I’ll probably self-publish it. Personally, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written, but sometimes the timing is just a little off to connect with an acquiring editor, especially in a genre already full to the brim with fangs and romance. Such is life.

Gotta say, after writing four books and a novella so far in 2011, I am feeling really drained. So I’ll probably be taking it a bit easy through to the end of the year. Don’t want to burn out. I should get some more hobbies, maybe. But I do love writing, it’s my first priority and on my mind nearly 24/7, and I’m still very happy to get the chance to have my books available to readers. I get to live my dream and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

Now, back to the page… :)

5 comments to “State of the Rowen”

  1. indira
     · September 1st, 2011 at 7:43 pm · Link

    Sounds awesome!!! You’re a hard worker! And you motivate me, so thank you.

  2. Jackie H
     · September 3rd, 2011 at 1:56 am · Link

    Holy cow, 4 books so far this year!! You are a beast! lol

  3. Jennifer K Jovus
     · September 7th, 2011 at 8:01 pm · Link

    Wowza, you have been busy. You need a pedicure, chocolate and cherry coke {or beverage of choice ;)} LOL

    Thanks for writing such great books that we just can’t get enough of.

  4. lesleigh hutchinson
     · July 31st, 2012 at 5:09 am · Link

    Why didn’t you make familiar a full story? I thought it was great and would have made a wonderful book. :cry:

  5. Vanessa
     · August 5th, 2012 at 8:51 am · Link

    Im in love with the Demon Princess Series !! && I just cant wait for the fourth book to come out !! Big Fan !! :D

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