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“A date with my character(s)” contest winners

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write and send me a contest entry telling me which of my characters you’d like to get to know better for a chance to win a signed ARC of THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC. I had so much fun reading about your dates with various characters. I really, really wish I had enough ARCs to give to everyone since you all deserve it, but alas, I only have three for this contest.

The entries I’ve chosen as my winners (in no particular order) are as follows — and the authors have already been notified by email that they have won…..


Winner #1: Andrew L.


While you have written some very hot female leads, if I could pick a character of yours to go out with I’d have to go with Lucas, from the living in eden series, because even though I’m a guy and straight as an arrow, I mean, come on it’s the beast, the fallen angel, the price of darkness, evil incarnate! He’d have some of the best stories ever and I’d be willing to bet he knows how to pick up chicks.

I could beat anyone in the world in a “I had diner with…” story. I could go to a big fancy party with fancy food and five types of dinner forks and they’d be saying stuff like “oh, I had dinner with the mayor” and “well, I had dinner with the governor.” And I’d be like “oh yeah? Well I had dinner and a movie with the prince of darkness.”

Since I live in LA, there are parts of the city I stay away from, but if I was with Lucas I think I’d be pretty safe, he is the lord of darkness after all, no one messes with the prince of darkness. Plus if I get on his good side and I end up going to hell I know I’ll be taken care of. but where would we go? Well I do know this amazing little BBQ place they make a burger that’s so good it’s a sin (pun defiantly intended) and i think we’d go to a movie maybe, or a show! Then again, I am with Lucifer, so I think I could do whatever the hell we want. As for how he’d act, i’d imagine he’d be pretty nice, unless his alter ego takes over, but provided that does not happen I think we’d have fun! Sometimes I worry about myself.

Michelle: I loved that someone picked Lucas. He is a big favorite of mine and I think he’d be a hell of a date. Literally. And he definitely plays an important part in THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC.

Winner #2: Ann G.

You don’t make it easy, giving us so many boys to choose from. But of them all, I think I’d have to pick Darrak.

He’s hot.
He’s got a sense of humour.
He knows how to have a good time.
And did I mention he’s hot?

As for the date itself, no ordinary dinner and a movie for Darrak. I’m thinking a moonlit picnic on a grassy riverbank (cause sand gets in uncomfortable places), followed by a stroll by the river. There’d have to be a shadowed forest, and he’d take my hand to help me over the uneven ground and forget to let go. All that romance would need a little leavening however, so after that, we’d do something wild to get the adrenaline racing. Something like a fast drive on a narrow ocean side road.

After all that, we’d need to wind down. I mean, how can you sleep with all that adrenaline jacking you up? I won’t go into details about how we’d relax but….

He’s got to be a demon in the sack. ;)

Michelle: Agreed on all counts. Darrak’s the most fun character I’ve ever written. Hot and funny as hell. What more could a girl ask for? Also, Eden does agree with the last line however she says to “get your hands off her demon.”


Winner #3: Toni L.

**SPOILER WARNING if you haven’t read Stakes & Stilettos and/or Tall Dark & Fangsome**

Are you kidding? Thierry, of course. Why? Because he’s a hot, sexy, slightly (slightly????) introverted vampire that needs a good old fashioned gal to fire up his juices. What would we do? Well, first we’d attend the local DRACULA festival, where he could explain (in his cute French accent) the differences between breeds of vampires and why DRACULA is so NOT representative of the modern vampire. Then we’d go to a nearby French café where over coffee and some delightful pastry he could regale me with tales of life two centuries ago, and his adventures as the Red Devil. Last but not least, we’d dance the night away at a local dance club because, as George Hamilton said in LOVE AT FIRST BITE, ‘I like the nightlife, I like to boogie”. And Boogie we would, right back to my apartment, where my four cats would no doubt turn tail and run at first gander at him. But then, with the soft music playing in the background, we’d do seductive strip-teases for each other and let our fingers (and lips and teeth) do the walking…..

Michelle: Sarah would not be happy with this entry, but I enjoyed it. ;) I adore Thierry. I know it took some readers a while to warm up to him given his…um…reserved nature. I can’t wait for BLOOD BATH & BEYOND to come out so readers see more from him now that he’s opened up a bit more. Although…he’s definitely still reserved and incapable of telling a decent knock-knock joke. Can’t teach an old vampire too many new tricks.

Again, THANK YOU to all the entrants and CONGRATS to my winners!!!

6 comments to ““A date with my character(s)” contest winners”

  1. Ashleigh
     · September 26th, 2011 at 1:14 am · Link

    Congratulations to the winners 8)

  2. Toni L
     · September 29th, 2011 at 5:36 pm · Link

    So thrilled to have won! and I cannot wait for BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND!

    Is it 2012 yet???????

  3. Bonnie
     · October 2nd, 2011 at 1:57 am · Link

    Great picks! Those are all awesome date ideas.

  4. Ashleigh
     · October 2nd, 2011 at 11:44 am · Link

    I just want to say, I loved your books! Especially Demon Princess series. Just wanna know how many words your short story ‘Familiar’?

  5. Michelle Rowen
     · October 5th, 2011 at 2:45 am · Link

    Thanks! Familiar is 10,000 words long. :)

  6. Ashleigh
     · October 5th, 2011 at 6:47 am · Link

    I also want to say, keep writing!
    You rock “)

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