Michelle Rowen

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The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

Running Press — March 9, 2009
ISBN-10: 0762436514
ISBN-13: 978-0762436514

My story is titled “At Second Bite

Fall in love with someone out of this world

If love transcends all boundaries then paranormal romance is its logical conclusion. From the biggest names in the field, here are 24 tales to take you to another time and place.

Within these pages mythical beasts, magical creatures of all shapes and sizes, heart-stoppingly handsome ghosts, angels, and mortals with extra-sensitive sensory perception play out the themes of extraordinary desires.

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Excerpt from “At Second Bite”

The man smiled at that, but it wasn’t remotely friendly. Since she was now paying attention she saw the fangs immediately. The thought that this guy was also a vampire did nothing to help the panic situation. “I smell blood. You bleeding right now?”

Julia swallowed hard. “Ethan bit my tongue.”

“Such a charmer, isn’t he? Can’t even keep his fangs to himself during a good old-fashioned grope.” He came closer to her and squeezed her chin enough to prompt her to open her mouth so he could see the small cut. His good eye turned to black and he grinned a little. “Probably shouldn’t have done that. I’m really hungry right now, myself. Haven’t had a chance to feed lately. I’ve been too busy tracking Ethan.”

“T-tracking him?”

“He’s been trying to lose me, strangely enough. Thinks I’m too overprotective. By the way, you can quit with the fake stutter now.”

She frowned at him. “It’s not fake. I typically s-stutter with fear when somebody has a knife to my throat.”

He raised an eyebrow. “This little thing?” He raised the huge machete-like blade so it glinted in the light of a nearby streetlamp. “A guy has to protect himself against dangerous women like you in the big scary city, you know.”

“Protect yourself. From me?”

His expression grew colder. “You’d be surprised.” He drew closer to her so she could actually feel his warm breath on her face. “You’re not as pretty as you were last time.”

She glared at him. “Last time?”

“Last time you were with my little brother Ethan three hundred years ago. No, you were a major beauty back then. You know what they say about Helen of Troy? Well, you were even hotter.”

In her current dire situation, she wasn’t sure why his appraisal of her sub-par hotness pissed her off as much as it did. “For the record, you’re not half as attractive as your brother, either.”

He grinned. “I guess I kind of deserved that.”