Michelle Rowen

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The Demon in Me

The Demon in Me

(Living in Eden – Book #1)
May 4, 2010

Berkley Sensation
ISBN-10: 0425234681
ISBN-13: 978-0425234686

Hell hath no fury…

Fate has led Eden Riley to become a “psychic consultant” to the police, even though her abilities are unreliable at best. Those paranormal powers are about to get her into a jam she couldn’t have predicted. After her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her, Eden realizes that she’s quite literally no longer alone. A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak. He’s a demon. But not in a bad way!

…like a woman possessed.

Darrak lost his original body 300 years ago thanks to a witch’s curse. This is the first time he’s ever been able to speak directly to a host, plus there’s a bonus. Eden’s psychic energy helps him to take form during daylight hours. He wants to use this chance to find a way to break his curse — finally. Otherwise, Eden’s going to have to learn to live with this sexy demon…like it or not.

And she thinks she might like it.

“Compulsively readable. Snarky, original, funny and fantastical. Who knew demons could be so sexy? Michelle Rowen has brought her A-game to the table with Eden Riley.” –Molly Harper, author of Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs

“Deliciously witty, The Demon in Me is a great twist on demon romance. This book is for anyone who’s ever wanted a sexy demon inside of her — literally.” –Jill Myles, author of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi

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Excerpt from Chapter 2

“You’re a demon,” she said it so quietly even she had trouble hearing it.


“And you’ve possessed me.”

“If you put it that way it sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? I’d rather think of it as ‘sharing living space.'”

It was true. She’d seen it with her own eyes when the serial killer had been killed. The black smoke hadn’t just been smoke—it was the demon he’d claimed to be possessed with. The demon that was now inside of her.

For a moment she was positive she’d faint. The feeling passed, but the steadily growing fear that filled her remained.

“Get out of me,” she said softly.

“That does sound like an excellent plan, but you need to understand, this isn’t my choice. I haven’t been able to exist outside of my host since—”

“Get out right now!” Eden clutched the baseball bat so tightly she was sure she’d get splinters. She put every ounce of energy she could summon from the universe into those four words. She’d never felt so fierce or certain about anything in her entire twenty-nine years of life—and that included kicking her cheating jerk of a fiancé out six months ago. Although, it was still a close second.

She felt rather than heard the demon gasp inside of her—inside her head, her chest, her entire body. As if she’d been punched in the stomach she let out a wheezing breath and doubled over as the black smoke exited through her mouth in one dark, tasteless, odorless stream. She scrambled back from it until she hit the wall behind her and held the bat up as if that would be enough to protect her from Hell itself.

The smoke hung there like a small black rain cloud, unmoving, five feet in front of her, for a few more moments. Then something changed. She watched, stunned, as it began to take on a recognizable shape. The entire process took less than thirty seconds, but it was as if time itself had stopped. She couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. All she could do was watch—waiting for a large, red, hulking, horned Hell-beast to appear and devour her whole.

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